Nordic Family Short Films

Saturday, 30. September 10:00 AM

Tickets: $6 / 4.50 Avalon members

Films include:

In a colourful and vibrant town, all the people and animals can whistle – except one small bird named Whistleless. All he wants is to take part in the music and festivities but he’s so hopeless that no one will help him. After going through trials and tribulations, Whistleless realizes that he has what it takes.

MORNINGBIRD AND MURMELTON ON WINTER HOLIDAY (Morgenfugl og Murmeldyr på vinterferie)(NO)
Mathilde wants to go on winter holiday but it’s a rainy summer day outside. Instead, she watches Morningbird and Murmelton go on a winter holiday adventure in the freezer.

HERMAN’S HEART (Hermans hjerte)(NO)
Herman lives in peaceful harmony with his teddy bear until an unexpected and, for Herman, unwelcome visitor arrives. When Herman throws the visitor out it gets stormy outside and he realizes that he has to go on a rescue mission.

TOOTLETUBS & JYRO (Turilas & Jäärä)(FI)
Tootletubs & Jyro are two eccentric bugs who become friends. Jyro is an inventor full of wit while Tootletubs is a true gourmet. They end up in odd and entertaining adventures that teach children about respecting the environment and fellow creatures.

Lonely but happy rabbit Booo meets three daring rabbit friends who invite him along on their foolish adventures. They make fun of Booo for being too cautious, but when they get in trouble with a dog, Booo is the only one who can help.

An animated film for children about a young meatball who discovers the world with his family in a simple and dramatic form that teaches important issues about human values and emotions.

60 min
Rated NR
in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish with English subtitles